Get paid to submit your home made porn!

  You too can make money with your amateur porn videos. Below Is The Process To Submit Your Amateur Home Made Porn Movies
If we enjoy your video we will include it on our website or even in one of our DVD titles!

Step 1 - Get Your Cast Ready For The Fun
Find someone willing to make amateur porn with, lovers, friends, or use an adult modeling agency. Please follow our series descriptions and guidelines listed here.
Step 2 - Make Photocopies Or Scans Of ID's
Get copies of IDs and make photocopies or scans; fill out all our forms and releases. You may DOWNLOAD copies of our Release Forms here and Producer Agreement here.

Note, if you do not have a scanner to make copies then get digital copies of the IDs and filled out completed releases made on a CD at an office supply store. If you need copies mailed to you, then email
Step 3 - Shoot some video, have fun, cut loose, go wild!
If you want some tips on shooting or more information on our series then click here
Step 4 - Sign The Model Release Forms
Sign and date the model release form, this form must be completed by ALL participants in the video. You will need to scan the signed copy to upload with your video sample in Step 5
Click here to download the model release forms

Step 5 - Send Us The Video Files Or Video Tape
Use our video upload link here to upload your video, along with high resolution copies of your IDs and Releases, all into one folder.

Submissions can also be sent mail to:

Attn. HGV Submittals
26895 Aliso Creek Road, B20, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, United States
Make sure to include documentation and contact information with the video.

Step 6 - Fill Out The Online Submission Form
Real Name (Same name as on model release and/or Producer Agreement)
(Name must match the name on the ID included in video upload folder)
Phone Number (Important for if we need to contact you)
Name Of Folder You Created To Upload Your Content
Stage Names Of All Performers in The Video (Seperate by Comma)
Contact Email
Alternative Contact Email
Brief Biography
Who Is Your Partner In The Video Boyfriend
Adult Model
Whose idea was it to make amateur porn?
Is making amateur porn a hobby or a full time job? Hobby
Full Time
What sex fantasy would you make come true in an amateur sex video?
If you could have sex with anyone in the history of the world, then who would it be?
Have you sold amateur porn to companies besides Homegrown Video? Yes
What is the craziest place you ever had sex?
What is the kinkiest thing your ever did?
Do your family and or friends know you make homemade sex videos? Yes
Give your best sex advice or tip for enhancing orgasms.
Are you into the swinging lifestyle or have an open sexual relationship? Yes