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Our history started in a back room of a small privately owned video store.

As Kleenex is to tissue, Homegrown Video is to amateur porn, and for over 30 years fans have been reaching for a box of tissues after enjoying Homegrown’s incredible selection of amateur xxx. By virtue of those fans raising their hands to salute Homegrown Video, Newsweek Magazine declared “Homegrown is the longest running series in the history of porn” and US News pointed out “Made by the people for the people, Homegrown represents the democracy of porn”. Since 1982, when it became the first company to distribute sex tapes from you and your neighbours, fans find in Homegrown a spirit and enthusiasm that is completely unique to the world of adult entertainment.

Today, Homegrown is owned by Farrell Timlake who once, with his wife, mailed in their own home video to the company hoping to sell it for bread to see more Grateful Dead concerts. In 1992, he borrowed money from his mother to buy the assets out of a humiliating bankruptcy. Then, along with his brother, he resurrected the company that had redrawn the face and body of an entire industry, so today Homegrown Video is one of the most consistent and well loved products available on the market worldwide and in all mediums.

Even after all these years, we at Homegrown continue to learn and share and be completely entertained by these very personal testaments; doesn’t get much more personal than a peek into someone’s bedroom window now does it?
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